cscart tooo load

why the cscart is not working properly it takes too much time for adding products or while on checkout. It is not good for me. Please advice what can i do for this now. :sad:

It could very well be your host. I had a host that basically was bogging down due to various upgrades and just could not handle CS-Cart software. I switched to Host Gator and everything is instant from uploading pictures, downloading, viewing and configuring the site.

i am using servage , the speed was excellent but now when i install a cscart the speed was too slow. Now firefox was not working. both IE and Opera was working. :evil:

Well CS-Cart is pretty CPU intensive and I just never had luck with my last host. You might want to do some search about your host & using shopping cart software. That’s just my guess.

hosting companys that cost cheap is a not a good choice in my opinion shared hosting you dont get too much space on these i would choose a managed hosting company