cscart currency division to multiplication

cs cart currency calcuate way is division… how can i exchage to multiplication?

Why would you want to change the way the cart calculates rates? All currency is calculated on a relative value to the store's primary currency. Hence another currency is either less than, equal to or greater than the primary currency and is entered into the database as such.

My currency is Belorussian rubble (BYR), it's rate is 1 USD = 8900 BYR now, and it changes relatively often (it was 8600, 8700, 8800 for example). The problem is that to specify this ratio, I need to put 1/8900 = 0.00011236 (it's actually much longer, i've “rounded” it), and in panel it's getting rounded to 0.00011. So now, if some product costs $1, the price shown by cs cart will be 9090 BYR, or if not “cut”, then 8899, which is not the expected behavior (it's getting worse, when price is $9 , then it will be shown as 81810 or 80099, while actually there is no money bill less than 100 BYR). So the multiplication instead of division can totally solve this problem. Any advice?

Forgot to mention - another way of getting expected behavior would be setting BYR as primary currency, and USD as secondary with 'good' ratio. In that case all the prices should be in BYR, which is problematic, since ration changes pretty often, and USD prices are the stable ones. So this will mean change all the prices each time the ratio changes, which is not really acceptable.