Cscart Configurator vs Xcart XConfigurator

We currently have a live store using cs-cart 1.3.5. Our products have many options and use the Product Configurator heavily. I have modified 1.3.5 some to allow the configurator to work better with my clients products, but the customization has made it impossible to upgrade to v2.

We were about to upgrade to v3 Ultimate, but while setting v3 up my client discovered the Product Configurator has not changed since v 1.3.5. She is extremely disappointed! She looked around and found the X-cart's Xconfigurator that does seem to have many nice features lacking in cs-cart.

Anyone have experience with the X-cart Xconfigurator. Is it worth making the jump away from cs-cart? Any opinion or experience on comparing the two configurator's would be helpful.

The current lack of cs-cart product configurator features might be a show stopper for not switching to v3 Ultimate.