Cscart 4 Worth The Update?

Hi All,

I've been using CS cart now for about 7 years always running on an outdated model until things settle down and even then often not updating for a year or two after release.

I'm currently running on 3.0.6 as far as I know which took an age to reskin to look like my previous site on 2.2.5

What I want to know is, is the update to 4 worthwhile? Is the automated update process reliable now? I know there were issues at the beginning with it.

It will likely take me a week to reskin which I don't mind as long as the efforts are rewarded with a stable, fast site.

Do options get transferred in the upgrade process or am I going to have to add those to each and every product like I did in the previous update?

Anything you think I should consider before upgrading (good or bad) please let me know below and I will make the decision once I have an idea whether it will really be worth the time and effort.

Many Thanks In Advance.


Mark, just upgraded from 2.2.4 - I totally think that it was a good move forward. But I think for you it's better to wait 4.3+ edition where developers promise to make automated process more isolated and secure, in meaning of redesign and so on.

But I think it is a good idea to have a test site, also with current release ))

PS. I am on 4.1.4 now - will wait 4.3+ branch to upgrade for sure.

Best wishes, Nikolai