Cscart 2.2.4 Use Price As Final Price And Reduce Tax?


there's an eshop with hundreds of products, but due to law changes, the price has to be shown with and without tax.

What I am trying to achieve is using the Price field as a total price, and below showing the clean price + tax.

What would make sense would be to add a new tax and set 'price includes tax' and then adding this tax to each product would show what I am looking for. However, neat price + tax only shows on checkout and NOT in the product's page.

Unchecking the checkbox 'price with tax' in the taxes, shows the price including tax below, but this would require all products' prices to be calculated without tax and be changed.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Also, is there any way to apply tax to all products at once?

Got it! :)