Cscart 2.2.4 or wait for CScart 3 Final?

I am on the fence to start a new ecommerce store and also upgrade an existing one running on CS-cart 2.1.3. Should I wait for the CScart 3 final or get on with the development on 2.2.4 with addition of some of the features of CS cart 3. I like the whole look and menu system, checkout page, mini cart on the page in cs-cart 3. Can these be incorporated in 2.2.4 by cs-cart developers out here ? Or should I wait for the CSC 3 final to be released ?? Very confused and holding on to my upgrade plans since the last 1 month or so. Please chime in with your opinions.

This coming from someone who started his first shop 18 months ago and is now managing 3 online shops:

Go live now… streamline your process, software, info banners, product pages, emails and so on (nothing will do that like having real client interaction). If you still want to move to 3 later on, you will know much more about what's needed… and you will have all the time in the world to build your perfect shop and wait till 3 is really stable.

I upgraded from 2.1.4 to 2.2.4. The reason I did it is because, II would have had to anyway prior to going to 3.0. There will be a script to help upgrading to 3.0, but it will only work from 2.2.4 to 3.0. I also don't plan to upgrade to 3.0 when it first comes out, but wait for a couple of incremental versions first.

Here is some info regarding upgrading to 3.0

CS-Cart 3 Upgrade FAQ | eCommerce Blog on Running an Online Marketplace


Thanks for the feedback. Are there any important features in Ver 3 that cannot be incorporated in Ver 2.2.4 ? I am sure there shouldn't be any apart from the whole new look.