Csc 4 - Categories With Different Layouts

Currently in testing and playing with CS-CART 4… but i cannot seem to find decent documentation on the Layouts section.

This question is based a single idea. I want to have mutliple levels of categories. toplevel, and child.

I want the top level categories to be full width (16)

ANd i want the lower level categories to main a main content area of (12) and side column of (4).

Now i have a default category layout which works for the child categories, and i have setup a new layout for full width for the top level. And saved it as a category View, and selected the categories i want to use it.

In the backend when i go to categories and view the blocks - it is correct full width on the top, and two column on the child.

But when viewing on the front end, all categories use the default 2 column regardless.

Am i missing a setting somewhere?

Surely this does not need a template mod - as that would defeat the purpose?

Thanks, N

This might be a case of —ignore—

I am still testing but i had to do a number of things to trigger the update to occur. But it does seem to work, just painfully!