CS-Socializer V1.0 Social Bookmarking Mod

Hi, I’ve put together a free social bookmarking mod for CS-Cart.

I really didn’t care for most of the other Social bookmarking mods and sites out there. Many required linking to external java code which is something I try to avoid and I was looking for a clean looking mod that looked like what addthis.com puts on a page.

This mod has the look of addthis.com but all the code is hosted on your site so your not passing visitors or statistics to another site.

This is my first mod contribution to the CS-Cart community, I hope you enjoy it and I hope to be able to provide some more stuff in the future.

The install.html enclosed in the zip file file also contains a working example of this mod so you can try it before installing. You can also try it a live site I’m working on at [URL=“http://www.cyberestore.com/hdtv-tv-tuner-cards/hdhomerun-networked-hdtv-digital-dual-tuner-free-shipping.html”]http://www.cyberestore.com/hdtv-tv-tuner-cards/hdhomerun-networked-hdtv-digital-dual-tuner-free-shipping.html[/URL]





Thanks Ralph,

Works well. Looks and works very nice! :slight_smile:



Thanks for sharing Ralph.


nice MOD !

I have question. How you create “NEW pic” for product. See attachment.


Hi, The free shipping and new product image info is here.


Thank you very much !

[quote name=‘rlobianco’]Hi, The free shipping and new product image info is here.


Why this script cause a internet explore error ? “Lack Object”. My IE is IE7, anybody meets this problem ? Thanks.

Add a > to this line and see if that fixes your problem

[quote name=‘rlobianco’]Add a > to this line and see if that fixes your problem[/QUOTE]

I download the archive, but is corrupted, please can you upload some other place, or send to me by email?

best regards,

that’s acutally a bug with the forums themselves, you have to use FF to download them without a problem

I am using FF…, but I still have this issue


Try [url]http://newsite.cyberestore.com/cs-socializer_v1.1.zip[/url]

tnx m8,


I only see 1 “nofollow” in the socializer.js file. Shouldn’t we have one for each of the bookmarks?

// ask.com
var img = new Element('img');
img.alt = 'send to ask.com';
img.src = 'images/social/ask.png';

var myLink = new Element('a');
myLink.href = 'http://myjeeves.ask.com/mysearch/BookmarkIt?v=1.2&t=webpages&title='+title+'&url='+encodeURIComponent(url);
myLink.title = 'send to ask';
myLink.target = 'myWindow';
[COLOR="Blue"]myLink.rel = 'nofollow';[/COLOR]
myLink.innerHTML = 'ask';

// feedmelinks.com

Any ideas on how to get the automatic inserted urls to reflect the seo urls rather than the dynamic ones? I am very particular about duplicate content issues. Thanks!

Never mind… answered it myself.

In the last line of the added code on product_details change it to:

title="{$product.product}" alt="http://YOUR ISTE.COM/{$index_script}?{$target_name}=products&product_id={$product.product_id}" />

rather than “http://YOUR SITE.COM/” you would be better off using:



My next problem is trying to get this to work with zoom picture mod. I think I have a javascript conflict :frowning:

BTW…luckdragon… I LOVE you siggy quote. I read it to my middle school students… they loved it!

if you need help, let me know… I’m currently using both in the same template with no apparent conflicts

all you have to do to get it to work with the zoom image mod is add:

rel=“nozoom” to the line that you put into the product_details.tpl file

so it looks like:

title="{$product.product}" alt="{$http_location}/{$index_script}?{$target_name}=products&product_id={$product.product_id}" />

also, put the mootools javascript line ABOVE the fancyzoom.js line and it will work properly