CS Mall

my, already interested about this mall prj.

Rumors…: project is at workinprogress and no stopped.

anyone can add here additional information ?

It is still an active project in BETA testing

Any estimated date range when we can expect to see a demo, or even a list of features? I have a few projects headed in this direction, and it would be extremely helpful to know if CS-Mall will be a timely and viable option.

Is the current beta working well for testers?

What quantities or types of issues need to be resolved before public release?

Are we more like a month away from a release, or is 6-12 months of further development & testing likely?

Features? Estimated pricing? Any information would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. We are lucky to get CS-Cart 1.3.5 before end of summer…

I don’t know how many people CS wants to have be beta testers for CS-Mall, but I sent them a message through the help desk and they sent me the CS-Mall files to test. It is a really neat idea, but it isn’t quite complete and is a little confusing to figure out especially since I have gotten so used to CS-Cart.


I think some people iteressing mall project.

Also i search around the web for month finaly found ecommerce with mall feature…count with one hand.

please csc team don’t forget cs-mall, also why not open a public…registered…beta…test project like at this forum ??