CS-Mall announcement


Dear CS-Cart users,

We are glad to announce the beta release of CS-Mall shopping mall software!

CS-Mall is an ideal solution for multi-vendor stores!

CS-Mall is designed for advanced administrating of large online stores and malls.

The advantage of CS-Mall is that it allows to have a large central store with a number of relatively independent substores. So you can have several vendors (providers) with their own stores that makes managing and servicing of huge shops much easier. Everything is under absolute control of the administrator who is provided with an unlimited access to all vendor stores for anti-abuse purposes.

It is necessary to single out the following functions of the administrator:

  • create any additional nonrecurrent vendor payments manually
  • specify the existing terminal vendor payments
  • multiply the existing terminal payments
  • send newsletters to the subscribers

    CS-Mall offers a great variety of possibilities for vendors. Each vendor has own product list and order history and can define own memberships, destinations, payments and shipping methods. Another important advantage of CS-Mall is that it allows the vendor to select skin of the customer area. The vendors have access only to own stores due to individual login names for each of them. Furthermore the vendor is also enabled to add products to the central store with administrator approval.

    Any interested person can easily register as a vendor in customer storefront. Register profile includes the fields where the vendor enters the desired store name and store description which are taken into account by the administrator.

    While shopping the customer is provided with the opportunity to make advanced search for products in one store and in all existing stores as well.

    CS-Mall is a powerful shopping cart software possessing extensive, high-speed functionality and wide range of capabilities. In addition to its own features CS-Mall incorporates all features of CS-Cart shopping cart software. CS-Mall is fully customizable so if you want to modify it according to your needs you can do it yourself (if you have enough experience) or order our services. Your wish is our prior concern.

    CS-Mall key features:

  • All CS-Cart features plus CS-Mall functionality
  • unlimited number of vendors
  • unlimited number of stores (*)
  • different shipping address for each store
  • additional vendor accounts
  • password-protected vendor/administrator access
  • fully customizable design and layout
  • administrator/vendor adjustable settings
  • absolute control over vendor stores

    (*) Depends on license type

    Anyone who is interested in testing the beta-version - please post a ticket to Help Desk and we’ll send you the package.

I didn’t even realise you were working on this! It would be no good to me but I’m sure it’ll be great for others, I know I’ve heard people asking.

I may drop you a line to beta test if I can find some free time. Otherwise, good luck with it.


I am VERY interested in this!

I have just tested the CS-Mall.

It is quite good but confusing.

In fact, the mall is almost what I want.

But it should be better to support unicode (utf-8) charset.

i am down for this!!

İs there any news?

[quote name=‘Guray’]İs there any news?[/QUOTE]

If there were any news, they would announce the news. Instead of bumping old threads.

yes!! please me too follow this

Installed at www.vitaminlink.net/cscart

We are waiting too.

also i’m waiting !


The CS-Cart team might commence work on CS-Mall after 1.3.5 is released. I’m hoping for Fall or Winter, but I’m sure they will be busy upgrading everyone… sigh


Any update/Status for this feature (CS-Mall)?


Can’t wait for CS-Cart to release this. I have about 5 sites, going on 6 using their software. This would be a lot less work throughout the day when checking orders.

yes, please can put any information update about MALL ? thankyou

cs has no specific plans for cs-mall now, I suggest for the 5 or so people that want cs-mall that you put your resources together and pay custom development to finish the mall for you…

If you can, Iwant see this software and testing it.

Sorry for my englishhhhh!!!

what happened to the beta release?

who was it released to?

I’m locking this topic until CS-Cart have commented.

Quite simply it was released 15 months ago, was a beta (incorporating 1.3.3) and is sequentially out of CS-Cart development cycle.

Should anyone have any further questions please contact cs-cart through thier helpdesk.