CS Gallery - Looking for stores

I am looking for store owners interested in showing off their site in a CS Gallery for a new site that will be launching soon. These sites will be available to be seen and rated by users.

If you are interested I need the following info.

Site URL:

Site Description: talk about your store and products.

You can post it here or PM me.

I don’t know if it is good enough for what you are looking for, but I am pretty happy with my site.

The URL is:


I sell aquariums and aquarium supplies for freshwater and marine fish.


Can you be a little more in depth about your store/products?

Looking for a paragraph or two, maybe talk about your customizations/version, etc, etc.

Site URL: www.nutraceaonline.com

Highly customized and modified default_orange skin (v1.3.5SP4); along with a Recurring Billing (Subscription) Mod, SideBox Login Mod, Sidebox Newsletter Sign-up Mod and Promotional Product Title Mod, along with a custom top banner fade in/out.

Site Description: NutraCea produces nutrient-rich, stabilized rice bran products which are a great NEW Healthy Choice for all who desire to live healthier lives.

When do you plan on being “live” with this and where will these sites be posted?


Sorry, I didn’t get it.

Currently I am using version 1.3.5 sp4. I am also using the lite_blue skin. I am planning on upgrading to 2.0 in the future, but I don’t have any concrete plans to do so yet.

I have done quite a few modifications. First I have changed the design to make the site look the way I want it. By doing this I made the site 2 columns and a fixed width of 912 px. I also had a custom header designed for me. I designed images that I use as my block headers and changed my category menu to be a css based menu with pullouts. I also added a flash banner on the main page.

Because I used the lite_blue skin I also made changes like adding the information footer from a different skin. I have also added the fansy zoom mod, next/previous products mod, and changed the code around to fit my needs.

I have also had some custom coding done. My biggest mod was my shipping mod. This mod allows me to charge and ship my products combined (default), separate, or by truck. If the product is shipped by truck than the customer is still allowed to checkout, but is sent a shipping quote at a different time.

The other mod I had coded was my product configurator mod. This mod allows images infront of my products and changes the configurator to a series of steps instead of a long list of options.

I am also using Snorocket’s product tabs mod.

I probably have made many other changes that I have forgotten about, but hopefully this will do.


I hope the site goes live by June 1.

Its a CS Cart community site, with a job board, gallery, blog, cart info, etc.

I will let you all know when its live and I am always looking for feedback, esp good community info for blogging. tips/tricks, mods, etc.

Sounds Great!

The only suggestion I can make for now would ask you to make sure you seperate the versions v1.3.5SP4 and v2.0 communities…so that those who are using 1.3.5SP4 will have their own “community” as well as those with v2.0.

This forum is getting way too much mixture of both and I’m finding it harder to “find” posts that are 1.3.5SP4 specific…:confused:

Hopefully CS-CART support will take note soon and seperate these versions into 2 seperate forums.

forum.cs-cart.com = v1.3.5.SP4

forum2.cs-cart.com = v2.+

My site is focused on 2.0 mostly, and its not a forum.

Well I guess I’ll just have to “weed” my way through it…until I upgrade to v2.0 :cool:

website: http://www.erayan.com


We sell Laptop, Digital Camera, Printers and some other It products. we use cs-cart 1.3.5 and upgrade it to cs2 as soon as possible.

We have an online support and online payment for users.

http://www.topbuzza.com (nsfw) (adult toys)

Let me know if thats of any use… and yes before you ask, discounts all round ; )