Cs-Coding Addon: Yandex Backup

Dear friends. I'm glad to announce our new "Yandex Backup" module.

It allows you to make database backups to Yandex.Disk automatically.

- Ability to set amount of keeping backups. Old backups will be auto deleted
- Ability to set folder at Yandex.Disk for backups
- Ability to make backups using cron

Admin panel

Yandex.Disk page https://disk.yandex.ru/

Login cscodingyb

Password qwerty12345

You can check the script by running the following in browser http://demo.cs-coding.com/index.php?dispatch=yd_backup.backup&cron_key=MYPASS

Hello. We integrated a new yandex API and adapted addon to the latest version.