Cs Cart - You Need To Offer A Platinum Level Of Service

This is not a gripe, merely an observation. Some of us here make our sole living from our online stores. Some of those stores are turning over in excess of 6 figures plus annually. They support staff, pay rent, pay the bills etc, etc.

I'd like to know that if our store went down for any reason, there would be a tech contact that would;

  • respond within 30 minutes
  • respond 24/7/365

    I would happily pay for this level of service.

    We are intending to have a New Years Day Sale tomorrow, but I am currently receiving messages about my store license being out of date, and that my software could suspend. Not very reassuring.

Good luck with that one. You can probably find a 3rd party who can offer that level of support (though it would have to be an organization rather than an individual). People have been asking for “outside banking hours” support for years and it's never happened yet. Maybe once SaaS is implemented they will be forced into this. I'm sure it has to do with Russian labor law (I.e. shift premiums, etc).

Regarding your license issue, logon to your helpdesk account and click the Licenses link and see what the issue is. Then generate a helpdesk ticket to get it straightened out.

6 figures annually? I've stores I mange that have done that in a single day