CS-cart XML

I have partners who ask me for XML file to import my products in there sites, but I couldn’t find any solution for that? Does somebody did it?

You can look at this addon. It might meet your needs. Documentaion is in the attachements tab.


I tried with Date export like CVS, but there is problem with the encoding after export and opening in excel. The db is UTF8, but my site is cyrillic.

Uh… The CSV Data export was not what I was talking about. And besides, what does your XML data have to do with Excel?

While the CSV export have problem - may be this XML will have too. I use excel to edit the CSV exported file.

I have no idea what you’re trying to say. I suggested that I have an addon that generates XML data for use by Google Merchant and other shopping aggregators.

While you can certainly read XML into excel, it’s very unusual to do so.

So I’m lost on what you want to do.