Cs-Cart Vs Magento

I know this was asked before - I wanted to know how many people have switched from Magento to Cs-cart and why ?


Hello tigerbabba!

We work with both CS-Cart and Magento and write customizations for these systems.

From our company experience, we never had a client who asked a switch from Magento to CS-Cart. We've helped one of our clients to migrate from CS-Cart to Magento. This client had a standard CS-Cart without custom design and with minimum modifications that is why it was a reasonable migration for him. He planned to have a big business and needed several features that were included in Magento by default and were not available in CS-Cart.

We've also had several clients with modified CS-Cart stores who thought of switching to Magento and their main point was that the Magento has a better speed. We didn't recommend them Magento because the migration would cost them a pretty penny (they wanted to keep the design and several modifications that were not present in Magento). Thus, the solution for them was just optimizing the CS-Cart speed and no more extra unnecessary hassle. CS-Cart is not perfect (nothing is perfect) but it is a powerful system with lots of features and unlimited possibilities, so in many cases there is no reason to replace it with a heavy and complex Magento.

Best regards, Alt-team

When you are about to choose between CS-Cart & Magento keep in mind the follwing:

  1. Development cost
  2. Tech support cost
  3. User experience design in frontend & backend (CS-Cart is more user friendly for both admins and consumers out of the box)

    In other words from my experience Magento is a good solution for Enterprise level, where as CS-Cart is far ahead when you do not have budget like Nike.

Both are good shopping carts and we think CS-Cart has better speed and user experience(especially backend) than Magento.

Magneto is pushed by developers who are idle and hosting companies who enjoy a very good earning due to it's hungry code.

I wouldn't advise it's use for anyone who is not going to spend over £2,000 a year hosting and maintaining the site.

Dear Friends,

In our blog you can find articles on CS-Cart custom development. In one of them we [color=#333333]outline some key points of CS-Cart, Magento and Shopify. Enjoy reading![/color] http://blog.simtechdev.com/news/key-points-in-comparing-cs-cart-magento-and-shopify.html