Cs-cart version 4.02 release

hello all,

today i have purchased another storefront for version v.4

but i would like to know when the version v4.02 comes out!! its urgent

The same question has been asked multiple times throughout the forum. Is it so difficult to search?

From CS-Cart:-



The CS-Cart team is currently working on version 4.0.2. This version will include the Store Import add-on that will allow a CS-Cart 4.0.2 user

to import the most essential data (products, orders, users, etc.) directly from CS-Cart 2.2.4, 2.2.5 and 3.0.x databases. CS-Cart 4.0.2 will be released in September, 2013. Please be patient. Tune in to CS-Cart Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news.


its not difficult to search… but it seems its tooo difficult to pick a date in september so people can work to it…

Any time a developer gives a date for a release as a month (Ie. September) you should assume it will be the last day of the month if you're lucky. If it's before then, you would be extra lucky.

Sheesh. Give it a rest. V4 should be thought of as a brand new product. I'm actually surprised that they are doing the store import this early in the release cycle. In V2, it didn't come out till V2.0.8. Personally I would rather they've have spent the time fixing bugs and making what they have commercially viable and doing an upgrade after they have a stable product (which V4.0.1 is not).

The first release date was the end of August, than the beginning of September.

Better a bit later but less bugs.