CS-Cart Version 2.2.4 Bug?

I have upgraded to 224 and now in admin when editing products it does not show all

features. I have a feature called brands with over 20 entries and i only see ten entries.

i tested this on demo.cs-cart server as well and added extra manufacturers and

then went to edit a products product feature and it only showed ten out of the twenty or

so manufacturers i had added. This is also affecting the customer front end as well.

anyone know how to fix this?

Just as I was giving up I thought let me check the Settings. Apparently under Appearance the option “Elements Per Page” controls this in the admin. So I changed it and sure enough all my brands upto the number i changed it to started showing.


After upgrade to 2.2.4.

Our Administrators and Customers are having login Problems.

Google Chrome - working fine,

Firefox - You must try 10 times. (No error mesagges, the login comes again)

IE - You must try 10 times. (No error mesagges, the login comes again)

Our Administrators use now Google Chrome, the problem our site is solved.

But i cant say our customers you must use Google Chrome.

We delete all cache files and Copiled files from the server.

Every day 3-4 customers call us for this reason.

Best Regards,

We have still the same problem.

Firefox 11 updated.Customers cant login CS-cart 2.2.4

As far as I know this is not a cs-cart bug. At least, I don't have it on my shops and also not on the shops I made for other people, and since nobody here is responding, I think it must be something else…

Is there anything particular about your shop? a script, template, whatever?

Hi Flow,

i try to find what happend.

i do 3 things.

  1. Update to 2.2.4
  2. install Twigmo 1.7
  3. Enable iis 7 dynamic and statik compression for page Speed optimization.

    First i try to uninstall Twigmo 1.7 nothing changes.

    Second i research what dynamic compression do. i see that Firefox cant process some compresed files. (meybe this can produce the problem). Tonight i try to disable compression.

Yes it happen with my store too!

But if change the “Elements per page” value and nterfer with the display on the frontend of Product Features …

but why?!?

Its a bug?