CS cart version 2.0.6 what is the highest php version it can run on?

HI, i wanted to know if anyone could tell me, we are currently running cs cart version 2.0.6 (i know its an older version) my question is what is the highest version of php can cs cart v2.0.6 run on? We need to upgrade our php on the server to 5.3.12 or 5.4.x, however, i need to make sure that upgrading to the higher version of php, wont effect the running of our cs carts v2.0.6.

If anyone could help with this question, i would greatly appreciate it.



Without modification, I believe the 5.2 is the highest PHP version you can use. You can add (like cs-cart did) some notification suppression of deprecated functionality and MAYBE go to 5.3. But I seriously doubt you could go to 5.4 with cs-cart 2.0.x. Reason you don't upgrade to probably the most stable version of cs-cart (V2.2.5)? I remember that shipping changed somewhere around 2.1.x but I think other than that most stuff were addition of the block manager and shipping changes.

Suggest you get a PHP 5.3 site and copy your DB/files to this new server, adjust to a temporary domain and start seeing what needs to change.

Alternatively, you could just convert your current (assumed) shared site to a VPS and your hosting company can install the same PHP version you are using now.


Just to say that I also have the 2.0.6 version and my server is running on php 5.3.8 with no problems what so ever.