CS-Cart v3.0.3 Menus and Banners Disappeared Upon Saving Product Options

Hi All,

I was working to create a few product options and clicked save and script timed out. When the page finally refreshed I have no top menu, quick menu links or banners on my home page.

Also the Hot Deals disappeared as well.

I exported the products and looked at the CSV and it appears to be fine, however when I try to import the products again, they are all skipped.

I have tried clearing my cache, disabling/enabling blocks & menus and finally creating new products. to no avail.

The site I am working on is http://cart.therevonation.com

Anyone have this happen before?

What did you do to remedy the situation?

Is there a way to test the database and see if there is a corruption?

I can’t explain it otherwise.

checked UK GMT 0900 chrome all is good, I guess you fixed it


BTW. This was resolved. My client had started adding localizations without telling me and that’s why the menus and content dissappeared mysteriously. :roll: