CS-Cart v.1.3.5 SP4 is avail for download in your file area

I just went to my file area in the help desk and noticed 1.3.5 sp4 just came out. It is currently downloading to my computer right now.

I just thought I would point it out.


I told you guys would be going Pumpkin Crazy soon, load’em up, get those Christmas sales pouring in…

Damn just what I needed…another day upgrading.

CS-Cart v.1.3.5 SP4

[quote name=‘roban’]Damn just what I needed…another day upgrading.[/QUOTE]

Yeah I started it an hour ago and still going. This seems to take a long time.

I’m downloading now… is there a changelog, please?





$Id: CHANGELOG 6090 2008-10-06 06:58:25Z zeke $


[+] - new feature/improvement

[] - functionality changes

[!] - bugfix


[+] - new feature/improvement

] - functionality changes

[!] - bugfix

Version 1.3.5-SP4 (Oct 6 2008)

[+] Google checkout is certified now.

[+] Google Checkout: there is the ability to add tracking data information for several shipping for suppliers.

[+] Vertical scrolling of the browser window for the “ajax” pagination was added.

[+] News and emails: the subscriber email activation feature was added.

[+] Total Web Solutions Pay Page payment processors were added.

[+] Korean currency was added to Authorize.Net payment.

[] Exim: custom functions can be added as preprocessor for default values for the fields.

] New currencies were added to the Paypal payment.

[] Default rates were added for the “All countries” destination in the demo store.

] The “Montenegro” country was added.

[] The user who places a duplicate order is now redirected to the page of the last order.

] The “Paypal” payment was updated for usage in United Kingdom.

[] The ability to select languages for the “HTML catalog” generation was added.

] The description was added to the “ePDQ (Barclaycard)” payment method in the admin area.

[] Account type is shown now for the partners in the customer area.

] Copyright year in the installation file was update.

[] Copyright year in the “License agreement” file was update.

] ExIm: the new property “update_only” is added to schemes. It disables the automatic object creation.

[] SEO addon: the duplicate code was removed.

] The ability to use the “Gift ceritificate” payment in the “Paypal” payment method was added.

[] The “Buckaroo” payment: additional payment responses were added.

] The Spanish language pack was updated.

[] Exceptions: url format was changed.

] Product configurator addon: sorting by product name was added to the group products in the admin area.

[] The ability to export and import additional user fields was reworked.

] The ability to avoid duplicate order placing was added.

[] RMA addon: the return requests link is displayed only for logged-in customers or for users who has just placed orders.

] Default red skin background color was corrected.

[] ExIm: IDs of features and options/variants are exported too now.

] USPS First Class international shipping service was updated.

[] Paypal: cancel payment process was improved.

] The order of products was changed on the view cart/checkout page. The last added products are shown at the top now.

[*] The outlook of the header in the Brickwork skinset was corrected.

[!] The data of the payment transaction was lost if the admin updated the order. Fixed.

[!] Javascript errors were shown on the order management page. Fixed.

[!] The handling of mysql errors for the reconnecting was improved.

[!] Sales reports: the week number was shown incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Product search and counters on the home page in the admin area for the products with tracking options inventory worked incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] If the “allow_url_fopen” option was disabled, the images located in the file system were not attached to the email. Fixed.

[!] The “HSBC” payment method: diplicate order notification was sent. Fixed.

[!] The “Google checkout” and “Suppliers” addons: in some cases incorrect shipping rates were passed to the Google checkout. Fixed.

[!] Google checkout: incorrect taxes information weas passed to google side. Fixed.

[!] SEO: the meta tags were generated incorrectly if the “Show language in the URL” option was enabled. Fixed.

[!] iDeal Buckaroo payment: an incorrect symbol was used in the signature. Fixed.

[!] Order repay: a wrong form name was used for the validation of the card number. Fixed.

[!] Statistics addon: after the “ajax” requests the redirect urls were changed to the wrong values. Fixed.

[!] The customer could not add the gift certificate if the “'” symbol was used as a thousands separator. Fixed.

[!] Options modifiers were not escaped for usage in the javascript. Fixed.

[!] Exim: if the product has more than one tax, they were imported incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Quickbooks addon: customer notes were not exported. Fixed.

[!] Listmania addon: The “Contact us for a price” notice was displayed twice. Fixed.

[!] HTML catalog: the symbols in the upper case were replaced incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] HTML catalog: if a product was the last one in the category the script was caught in a loop. Fixed.

[!] If the product didn’t have a discount, the discount box still appeared in some cases. Fixed.

[!] RMA addon: the customer could not create a return request if the admin hadn’t changed the order status. Fixed.

[!] The cart payments (“google checkout”, “paypal express”) were available on the order management page. Fixed.

[!] HTML catalog: special symbols in the “UTF-8” encoding were converted incorrectly.

[!] Gift registry: if the owner of the event deletes a product from the event, this product will be deleted from all events. Fixed.

[!] Products in the admin area cannot be sorted if a single quote symbol exists in the search query. Fixed.

[!] Listmania: a product cannot be added to the wishlist if the “products.tpl” template is used. Fixed.

[!] Quickbooks addon: the selected product options were not passed to the export file. Fixed.

[!] If the “Allow shopping for unlogged customers” option is disabled an unlogged customer could add products to the cart on the advanced products list. Fixed.

[!] If the customer did not enter a state in shipping estimation box, unavailable rates can be returned. Fixed.

[!] Promotions addon: the “Spent money” action didn’t consider discounts. Fixed.

[!] Security vulnerability discovered: it was possible to log in under any user using cookie. Fixed.

[!] Listmania addon: The list of new products was not displayed on the topic page. Fixed.

[!] Quickbooks addon: the code of product option combinations was not passed to the Quickbooks. Fixed.

[!] Affiliate: partners got commissions for full product price with taxes. Now partners get commissions only for product price, without taxes.

[!] Configurable product listing (products that are parts of configurable product) was empty on the order details page. Fixed.

[!] SEO addon: SEO urls were not working for products on the order details page. Fixed.

[!] SEO addon: the redirect from https to http was incorrect for pages - url was not rewritten to SEO style. Fixed.

[!] Shipping was not recalculated if user changed shipping address on the profile page. Fixed.

[!] Additional product images didn’t show up in the partner area. Fixed.

[!] Shipping rates were not recalculated if a customer came to the checkout from the cart page. Fixed.

[!] PHP warnings were displayed on the images export page in the admin area if the image was deleted from file system manually. Fixed.

[!] SQL errors appear on the statistics page in the admin area when a customer enters data with backslashes. Fixed.

[!] Wish list and Cart were lost after using “Act on behalf of”. Fixed.

[!] Topics were not displayed in the partner area. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator addon: configurable product with zero price and with zero price action: “Do not allow to add to cart” could be added to cart. Fixed.

[!] QuickBooks addon: there was no ability to change the account type from the import file. Fixed.

[!] “Login” box wasn’t refreshed if the user logged into the site on the “One page checkout” page in the “New vision” skinset. Fixed.

[!] Bestsellers addon: products were added to the sales statistics despite the order status. Fixed.

[!] “Free shipping” discount didn’t consider other discounts. Fixed.

[!] Affiliate system: pagination didn’t work on the “Banner management” page. Fixed.

[!] SQL errors appeared on the “Products multiple update” page if an additional category was assigned to the products and this category was the main category for this product. Fixed.

[!] Wrong url was generated in the Paypal Express payment. Fixed.

[!] Quickbooks addon: shipping export worked incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator: unavailable product could be selected by the customer in configuration. Fixed.

[!] User data entered on the “Paypal Express” were not transferred for the logged in users. Fixed.

[!] Gift certificates: incorrect values displayed in alternative currencies.

[!] Google analytics: transaction reporting did not work correctly. Fixed.

[!] Statistics: robots stats was not gathered. Fixed.

[!] SEO addon: products sorting template did not comply with W3C standard. Fixed.

[!] SEO addon: directory separator was used in url. Fixed.

[!] Promotions addon: unfulfilled conditions were marked as fullfilled ones. Fixed.

[!] News and emails: wrong news items are shown to the user in case the number of news items in the sidebox is greater than the number of items per page in the news listing (when the user clicked on the news link in the news sidebox). Fixed.

[!] SEO addon: Insecure SQL query could be executed. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator addon: configurable product summary price was calculated incorrectly in cart. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator & reward points addons: configurable product in some cases broke “view order” page in the admin zone. Fixed.

[!] Suppliers addon: shippings were not recalculated after the deletion of the product from the cart. Fixed.

[!] Product options images were not displayed when the product has no icon image.

[!] Eway direct payment method. In some cases product names caused the error. Fixed.

[!] Reward points & Order management: the price in points was messed up after the order was edited. Fixed.

[!] One page checkout: step 2 worked incorrectly in Safari. Fixed.

[!] Order management. Customer membership was ignored when editing order. Fixed.

[!] Reward points were calculated incorrectly when the amount of product was more than 1 and the discount was applied. Fixed.

[!] ExIm: the products import, detailed image were imported from the previous product if not present. Fixed.

[!] USPS First class mail international package service didn’t work. Fixed.

[!] Options variant modifier was applied to the price even though the option was disabled. Fixed.

[!] New vision Red and New Vision Yellow skins have a disproportional logo. Fixed.

[!] Paypal repay functionality didn’t work. Fixed.

[!] Text option values were not displayed on the order info page. Fixed.

[!] Shipping rates were calculated incorrectly for the products with empty weight. Fixed.

[!] Gift certificates addon: in some cases the cetificate email notification did not contain the certificate code. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator addon: the price and discount were calculated via javascript incorrectly with the decimal separator ‘,’. Fixed.

[!] The “New account” email notification contained empty fields if a customer registered on the “One page checkout” page. Fixed.

[!] ExIm: fields order was not saved in the export scheme. Fixed.

[!] Listmania addon: Category pagination affected the list. Fixed.

[!] Default skinset: quotes were not closed in the search sidebox. Fixed.

[!] Suppliers addon: emails to suppliers were not sent if the product has free shipping option enabled. Fixed.

[!] Shipping calculation. Taxes were not recalculated if shipping rates were updated. Fixed.

[!] Order Management: shipping cost couldn’t be set to 0. Fixed.

[!] Payment surcharge was applied twice if the back browser button was used during placing the order. Fixed.

[!] Access restrictions addon: the “Allow login to the admin area from specified IPs only” option didn’t work correctly. Fixed.

[!] Checkout as a guest, the confirmation code was not checked if you submitted the form for a second time. Fixed.

[!] ExIm: orders import didn’t work correctly. Shipping information was not imported.

[!] No “add to cart” button was shown for the products with negative amount and the “allow negative amount” option enabled. Fixed.

[!] Order managment: error notice was displayed if the shipping rate is 0. Fixed.

[!] Gift certificates addon: e-mail validated even if the “Send via postal mail” option was active. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator addon: taxes were not displayed on the checkout details page.

[!] SEO addon: absolute links were rewritten incorrectly, if they were pointed to the same domain outside CS-Cart directory.

[!] “Cardholder name” field in the cc.tpl template was not set as required. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator addon: the “None” label was not multilingual. Fixed.

[!] Reward points section was not displayed in the admin area. Fixed.

[!] The negative amount could be set for a product even if the “allow negative amount” option was turned off. Fixed.

[!] RMA addon: if the product was not set as returnable, the return period was displayed anyway. Fixed.

[!] FedEx shipping: if error was returned from FedEx server, rates were displayed as zero instead of hiding. Fixed.

[!] SEO addon: in some cases incorrect redirect url was generated. Fixed.

[!] If no detailed image is set for the product, but there are detailed images for options, there is no opportunity to view it. Fixed.

[!] In some cases with a specific resolution, additional images boxes were formatted incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Order notification was sent even if the notification was turned off for the order status. Fixed.

[!] The “Act as user” functionality didn’t work if the HTTPS domain differed from the HTTP one. Fixed.

[!] Domestic FedEx services were calculated for international shippings. Fixed.

[!] Payment surcharge were not displayed correctly if the shipping method was changed on the one page checkout. Fixed.

[!] If the HTTPS domain differed from the HTTP one, then cookies were lost. Fixed.

[!] There was no ability to import features to the product in different languages. Fixed.

[!] Google Checkout: shipping for downloadable products didn’t work. Fixed.

[!] One page checkout: javascript validation on step 2 did not work in Safari. Fixed.

[!] Protx Direct payment: problems with 3D access. Fixed.

[!] Global options were not imported. Fixed.

[!] Privileges didn’t work correctly, if their names contained more than 24 characters, the “Access restrictions” addon was affected too. Fixed.

[!] Promotions addon: product with ID e.g. 8 could not be added if there was another product with id 817 and with options. Fixed.

[!] Lite skinset: category menu background was different for categories with children and without them. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator addon: the price and discount were calculated via javascript incorrectly with the decimal separator set as ‘,’.

[!] Lite skinset: the email subscribe button size was corrected.


Looking though the changlog i’m not sure i’ll bother. I don’t need any of that.


I kindof agree. After downloading I thought I would notice some funtionality changes, but I didn’t. Then after reading the changelog it seems that the only thing that was done was a bunch of bug fixes. I guess this is what a service pack is supposed to be. Most of what got changed doesn’t really affect me and since I have modified so many pages (and not kept a list) I am not sure if I will bother doing the upgrade. I might just wait for 1.3.6.

What do the rest of you guys think about this? I am open to ideas and value your input.


Same here, I would upgrade only if the one page checkout was made without any ajax and did not have any steps, new functionality to be exact. I will just hold my horses for 1.3.6 :slight_smile:

with the amount of bugs fixed in this service pack I’ll be upgrading, there’s a half dozen seo addon bugs alone worthy enough to upgrade, the next release of cs will be a “major release” and will include an enormous amount of new features, eta is late this year, that being said sp4 is what you’ll want to ring in the year with…

I upgraded last night even with all the mods I’ve done.It fixed my Google Checkout, I couldnt get real time shipping rates to work at all. They now do with SP4.



All fixed I needed are already implemented on my site. I guess I’ll just wait for 136 :slight_smile:

All I can tell you is that from a full clean install of the latest version, there are so many javascript errors on the front end and admin that I’m going to throw the towel in.


Fixed. Permission levels again. Lord, give me strength…

Does this break statistics for anyone?

EDIT: my bad, I just dumped the whole file up there. works fine now I ran the sql

I’ll definately be upgrading, just for google checkout. So much cheaper than PayPal!

Does anyone know if this will break my layout though?


EDIT: Also does this work correctly within the CS-Cart updater program or is it best to do it manually like i had to with 1.3.5? Cheers


BUMP? Anyone done this yet?

[quote name=‘Alfie’]BUMP? Anyone done this yet?[/QUOTE]

Yes and running well.

same here…

1.3.5-sp4 seems very good so far no problems for me.