Cs Cart Upgrade 4.2.4 To 4.3.7 Paypal Error

CS Cart Upgrade 4.2.4 to 4.3.7 PayPal express error

I have two stores and with one store the upgrade went smoothly.

The second bigger store had one error message regarding store locators - I have no use for this feature so I ignored it.

The upgrade went well for the store products and orders etc.

I did a texs PayPal express order and with in context set I went through checkout and only got a blank payPal window.

Next without In context I tried and the order did not complete but went back to the home page.

Any suggestions?

Meanwhile I have started to restore - files are quick database slow to restore.

So far CS Cart support has responded confirming a bug which they say is now fixed but strangely I now receive two PayPal emails for each order.

One email saying an open order and the second a normal email saying a paid order - and I do receive the payment which is good.