Cs Cart Unable To Process

We are having a technical issue with cs cart and need some help in fixing it. July 30th our host changed our Ip address of our site, we got things squared away with cloud flare and our site to get all ip addresses connected which got our site back up and running but the issue we are having is within our cart.

A customer can go through the entire process of purchase but after submitting all info it will not finalize, the page simply says please wait, processing the order. I have reached out to the 2 processing companies we are using and its not an issue on their end but they see its not coming through and where the hold up is. Its getting held up right on that final step then not able to get to the processing companies. I spoke to the hosting company and they said its not on their end as the site is running smoothly. The only thing that changed was the ip address so if the issue is within cs cart how can I get it fixed to get things working again..

We have tried all browsers and forms of payment, its the same response.

Thank you all for your help


Did you delete cache on server ? Remove directory /var/cache from server console.

Best regards