Cs-Cart Ultimate : Import / Export


Here is a general question about cs-cart ultimate version which seems to have some issues when sharing product.

I've today two stores that shares exactly the same products.

For updating the catalog of the store that is the owner of the product : No problem

  • Data of the second stores that share the products are not changed

For updating the catalog of the store that is not the owner of the product : Problem

  • Creates new products with new products ID (stock problematic)

The solution should something like the ability with the import/export of csv files to go changes data into the _ult_ tables of cs-cart.






This would enable two main things :

  • solve the generation of product ID issue & stock levels will remain up to date
  • Ability to change data from one store to another one such as description, prices, product name, meta data, ...

Has anyone come up with a way to import export data from a ultimate version of cs-cart ?


In the CS-Cart version 4.8.1, there is NO opportunity to make the EXPORT Theme.

Please return this function: EXPORT Theme, the function is very necessary.



Is there any guide regarding the handling of shared product in cs-cart ?

It seems impossible to update anything with in the ultimate version through Import/export unless it's the main store.

Is there anyone having the same problem ?

Is there an addon that takes care of this bug yet ?

Thanks !