CS-Cart templating system

I am wondering if this is possible through CS-Cart without heavy modifications. I basically have a design in which the homepage is basically a splash page with a big image and very little text. It also has the standard navigation links to the content/store pages. Is it possible to have 2 separate templates? One for the homepage with minimal shop features and then another template which is used by all the main pages within the store?

yes, it is possible

i did this early on, (in 1.3.4 sp1) but changed it when sp3 came out. I did not like the “home” breadcrumbs link taking the customer back to the splash page, and didn’t feel like working out the code to change it.

I can’t recall exactly what I did, but it was basically an

{if $current_url == "$index_script"}
show splash page
Show regular pages

I think I made 3 templates and had to add var commands to hide stuff…

sorry, I don’t have that old code anymore.

so, I think it can be done, but might need some slick coding. I have seen some cs-carters with a “splash page”

I’m trying to get this to work with CS-Cart v1.3.5 sp3. Can anyone give me specific details how to make a different homepage from the rest of the site?