CS-Cart Support team on the forums

Hello all,

As you probably noticed, a new forum member - CS-Cart Support team - has appeared on our Community Forums recently. Our technical support engineers (the same people who answer your questions via our Customer Help Desk) work in turns under this account.

The main purpose of our work is to help our clients and prospective users of our software. There are too many unanswered questions on the Forums. So we decided to extend our support service in this way.

But please note that the support provided here (on the Forums), is limited as compared with the one you can get via our Customer Help Desk. Here we answer mostly general questions about CS-Cart functionality, provide instructions or links to corresponding articles in our Knowledge Base, etc.

If a problem requires investigation on a server with CS-Cart or some source code modifications are necessary, we ask the post author to contact us via our Customer Help Desk and provide the access to his/her server.

All details about our regular support service can be found on our website

Thank you.

Kate Lazarevskaya

CS-Cart Support team

Glad to see it… thanks

Great Service. Well done!

great news :slight_smile:



Great news !

This will eliminate redundancy for your support team and will hopefully revitalize the forum. I have to say that there was much more involvement and participation in the forum few years back from members that were willing to help the newbies. It's actually how I learned my way around cs-cart.

Amazing, you guys have the best transparency for a software product I have seen.