CS-Cart Support License Store?

If I’m right, it seems Cs-Cart does not support for License Store, at least 2 important points :

  1. License Product is near same with downloadable product, but the difference are :[list]

    []Of couse user only buy 1 QTY for downloadable product, but for License Product, user maybe buy more than 1 License ( QTY > 1)

    ]For downloadable product, we may add file for user to download after payment completed, but we cannot do it for license product, because if we add more than 1 license file, after payment completed, user can download all license file (more than 1) although user only buy 1 License. So It mean, we must do it manualy for License product.

  2. Some License product, Qty Discount dependent with options. Example :

<br />
Product Type   Term	  Qty 1-10   Qty 11-20   Qty 21-30<br />
XYZ      A    1 Year	  $28		 $25           $22<br />
	    2 Year       $42           $38	    $34<br />
	    3 Year	   $52	      $46.50	   $42<br />
XYZ	 B    1 Year	  $17		 $15	    $14<br />
	    2 Year	   $25	      $22	    $20<br />
	    3 Year	   $31	      $28           $25<br />
<br />

```<br />
<br />
Anybody can help how to configure it ?<br />
<br />
If CS-cart Really problem with these both, I Cannot believe it, how can CS-Cart forget these since itself is License Product.<br />
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Regards<br />
Effendy Hakim

nobody comment this problems ?

add each licence as a seperate product

so you could have a product called 1 year licence and then give discounts for that, 1-10, 2-20 etc


[quote name='johnbol1' timestamp='1350678366' post='147362']

add each licence as a seperate product

so you could have a product called 1 year licence and then give discounts for that, 1-10, 2-20 etc



Thank you for your solution, but I think that is not the best way because each product contain about 10 types, each type contain 3 terms

I'm having a similar issue, and I don't have a good work around…

The problem is further complicated when a downloadable product has distinct options. For example:

My company sells a report, The report is available in 3 formats (iBooks, ePub, or PDF). This doesn't sound like much of a problem yet… The report is also sold on a US state by state basis… there is one report for each state (In one of three formats)

here comes the problem…

CS-Cart does not respect option combinations for downloadable products… You can have options, but CS-Cart makes no differentiation as to which digital product to sell based on those option combinations.

For example:

our digital report comes in 150 option combinations. We would have to add 150 products just to select a format and version which makes for a very complicated store…

A good solution would be to make the “file to sell” for a product definable for each option combination. If none is defined for a specific option combination, then sell the default file.

Another huge issue is the lack of license key support. if you are selling software, you might seriously want to include a unique license for that software… along with a subscription for support… all missing.

One more big issue that is presenting a “deal killer” issue for us. CS-Cart does not seem to respect availability dates for downloadable products. Set an “available” date in the future, and when payment is processed, the user is allowed to download the file. This completely eliminates the possibility of selling pre-orders for a digital product. the only way to do this is to set the download authorization type to 'manual'. which is a big fat pain if you sell a lot of pre-orders.

It would seem that the digital goods functionality could use a little bit of love from the developers. CS-Cart is certainly one of the best online stores out there. It is truly a work of art. With just a few feature tweaks and additions, it could be easily one of the best digital goods stores out there.

CS-Cart is a magnificent piece of software… it's very close to a 'masterpiece'

Regards, and kudos to the developers,