CS-Cart Store Manager to the Rescue?

Anyone know if the awesome store manager will help with upgrading current carts to 2.0? This would be a dream for upgrading but I understand that it may be difficult.

From what i understand you cannot upgrade a 1.3.* store to v2.0. I think there will be a way to transfer your database, but not any design features, they will have to be done again to the new architecture.

I haven’t done anything since beta1 but I went ahead and started from scratch just to see what’s working or not once again.

I haven’t messed with it other than installing but it is still extremely buggy with IE.

[quote name=‘baballuci’]I think there will be a way to transfer your database…[/QUOTE]

That actually will be perfect. I think that users will feel better if they would not have to start over at square one with their shops.