Cs-Cart - Standing In The Way Of Their Own Success?

Is it just me or does CS-Cart stand in the way of their own success with poor support and crazy development decisions?

Some examples:

1. Manual Card Processing Method - This method contains ZERO input validation. Customers can enter literally any number as a card number and CS-Cart will accept the order. This leads to staff having to call customers to get cards with typo's etc.

When I asked CS-Cart to add some basic checking (LUN/ Mod 10) etc and said we would offer to pay for it they palmed us to a third party. We hate third party modules as it makes updating hard. I want the feature in the cart like it should be.

2. The email marketing add on - Sends without ANY bounce processing - Making it literally useless.

There are lots of things like this that make CS-Cart a poor choice compared to the competition, even thou the competition might be more expensive and less open.

you are correct. cs-cart will be vintage software if they dont wake up.