CS-Cart Speed Slowed Down Dramatically in Recent Months

Hi Guys,

I made all of the steps to speed up my CS-Cart when I first launched the cart, and I was getting under 1.5s load times. I have made no changes to the cart, added no products and in the last few months the load times can vary from 3s to over 20s.

I do not have a lot of people on the site, for example right now there are 2 people on the site and my load time is over 10s. I am using a VPS server from future hosting and I am out of ideas on how to speed it up.

Will clearing the cache do anything? Do you guys have any ideas to get the speed back to where it was? Thanks

There are many technical things to do to optimize speed, and many have written guides here you can search for.

Aside from this there are the basics:

Clear cache

Delete statistics

Optimize database

Ok, I deleted the statistics. Is there a way to just disable those? I have google analytics and that is good enough for me.

Every time I clear the cache I get this error:

<—Begin Error—>

Warning: dir(/home/home/mysite/public_html/var/cache/registry/block_content_44_62_html_block_64_12512_products/0) [function.dir]: failed to open dir: Not such file or directory in /home/mysite/public_html/core/fn.fs.php on line 497

Fatal error: Call to a member function read() on a non-object in /home/mysite/public_html/core/fn.fs.php on line 498

<—End Error—>

Once I refresh the page it goes away, but it freaks me out every time.

I also noticed I have about 20 abandoned carts per day, is there a way to purge those that are over a certain number of days old?

Upon further examination I looked at the older data for my site and I would average less than 1 abandoned cart per day. I am assuming that there are bots that are adding things to my cart and slowing me down. How can I find them and block them?

You don't want to block your bots, they register your site/products/services on Google, etc… welcome the bots with open arms.

Don't rule out that your hosting company has loaded the server you are hosted on to the breaking point and subsequently have seen a slow down as they've added other sites. You might want to tell them that you've noticed the degradation over the past couple of months.

if you have a lot of product ,you need APC CACHE OR MEMCACHED…this is hardware solution. to use MEMORY.

but cscart does not support APC , MEMCACHED TILL NOW. someone said ""combine js .scripte. but this is make little faster . but not as much as you wish.

i contact so so many good company for this problem. they afraid touch cscart source. little complex to make APC HANDLER.

you can not imagnation how it could be faster after apply APC CACHE, OR MEMCACHED.

-----------------------PS according to google webmaster prsesident word ,base of google serch engine must BASE SPEED FAST. SO SPEED IS MOST IMPORTANT. ALSO CLIENT WOUND NOT PURCHASE PRODUCT FROM SLOW SITE.


-----------------------so i try to find out APC CACHE, no one help me. i can not find. gibini ,also doesnot reply.

----------------------REAL TEST ==== when you make lanauge a lot like me… category side will be slower. much much.

when you update product a lot , loading will be slower.

result…--------------------definitly needs APC , OR MEMCACHED.