CS Cart Shmem

Hey folks

I've re-compiled PHP with the 'shmop' module to allow shmem caching.

I read on a thread on the forum a post by CS-Cart support - which as usual I can no longer find - which indicated all that would be required would be to change:

$config['cache_backend'] = 'file';


$config['cache_backend'] = 'shmem';

However, this leaves my pages covered in these errors:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'CacheBackend_Shmem' not found in /home/username/public_html/core/classes/registry.php on line 252

The KB article states to use 'shmem', but I have also tried using 'shmop' but I get the same result.

This happens on 3 development sites on this server, using v3.0.4 Ultimate and 3.0.5 Ultimate.

I checked php.ini where I found these values in reference to shmop/shmem:

Configure command: --enable-shmop

shmop support: enabled

Any ideas what the problem could be?


Update: I found 'shmem.php' is in the 3.0.2 Ultimate build, but NOT in 3.0.4 nor 3.0.5…why?!

I was running into the same problem and went back to sqlite for now because I don't have the time to get into it unfortunately.

Am curious to hear what you find.

P.S. thanks for the great contributions lately!

Nope, cannot for the life of me find out why this won't work. Everything seems to be in place as far as I can see, testing the shmop module produces positive results, so I'm at a loss with this one. Seems strange CS-Cart removed this from 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 (the shmem cache declaration file that is). Perhaps I'll try intall 3.0.2 where the shmem file still exists in the default install.

Anybody else got their CS-Cart stores running Shmem and kind enough to share the shmem/shmop related details from their PHP Info page?

Used the shmem.php file from V3.0.2 Ultimate on 3.0.4, appeared to do the job, with one major exception:-

It changes the stores to ‘store closed’ at random times, despite the back-end showing the ‘Close Storefront’ link, indicating the stores are open. Clear all the caches and the storefront re-opens again…for an unknown amount of time.



Shmem has been removed since 3.0.2 - apparently it didn't offer much in CS-Cart engineers performance tests. So why wasn't it replaced with something else?

And that something else might be what?

Pretty sure there's multiple suggestions been put forward for speeding up the performance of the cart on the UserVoice page. Less is more strictly isn't true in this case.