Cs-Cart Rocks Review

I am currently getting a custom theme developed with Cs-Cart Rocks, and have interacted extensively with Louis for this. They have done a fantastic job for me and I highly recommend the company to all.


a) Extremely friendly and flexible approach – I made a number of changes to specs mid-way and Louis handled the changes patiently at a reasonable cost, with a friendly approach.

b ) Knowledgeable and willing to help – Louis was able to address all custom mods, some of them fairly complex without modifying core files, even helping me beyond the scope of the project, at times.

c) Good customer service and language skills – Cscartrocks responds to tickets in reasonable timeframe (many times well after midnight!), and it is very helpful that all specifications are understood well and translated into functionality as desired. You will not face a language barrier while working with Cs-Cart Rocks.

d) Quality work – I have given some details of the project in detail below.


None that I can think of yet!

Here are the details of the project:


Custom theme for Cs-Cart V2 with a 4 level top menu, a customized accordion left menu and lots of additional features in category and product page.


[indent=1]i) A custom Top Menu with facility to add icons to Level 3 items. The menu is managed via the Top Menu tab within the Cs-Cart panel. I believe it is currently the best Cs-Cart top menu I have seen so far, and I highly recommend checking with Louis if you want modifications on Top Menu.[/indent]


ii) A custom Left Menu in an accordion format. The menu displays till level 4 categories, and expands and contracts depending on where the visitor is currently at.[/indent]


iii) Category Page : Quick View Mod, Dropdowns for “Products per page” etc. “Quick View” and “Add to Cart” buttons displayed on mouse hover.[/indent]


iv) Custom product page : The page also displays the additional categories where the product happens to be. One interesting feature: the page has additional notes fields, which show up only if there are corresponding entries done on product backend page. These fields have tooltips for which text can be keyed on backend.


I have yet to launch the site, as data population and some other mods are pending, but I am confident that the company is there to help out as and when required.

In summary, I feel that getting themes developed with a vendor is a relationship of trust, since it is a major change and you will need help during development, as well as down the line. In this respect, Cs-Cart Rocks is a company you can rely on, both for quality work as well as the support aspect.

Highly Recommended!

[attachment=7400:left-menu.jpg] [attachment=7402:top-menu.jpg] [attachment=7403:top-menu-backend.jpg] [attachment=7404:extra-fields.jpg] [attachment=7401:extra-fields-backend.jpg]






Thought to update on 2 additional features worthy of mention on this project:

a) In category page, a quick view mod was written from scratch. The “Quick View” and “Add to Cart” buttons comes up, along with a highlighting of the container when visitor hovers mouse on the product.

b ) The quick view mod features custom controlled extra fields, and has next and previous navigation features. Would recommend to contact Louis in case you need quick view for older Cs-Cart versions.

Warm Regards



After a fair bit of discussion, CS-Cart Rocks has finalized our top menu, and I thought to share, as it has shaped up very well, and better than what I had visualized in initial stage. Here are the final features of the topmenu:

a) Is 4 categories deep - with L4 items neatly stacked in rows as shown. This allows for a very deep menu structure to be created.

b ) Allows for unique icons to be input for L2 items, all from the Cs-Cart standard backend (no requirement to edit CSS / JS files).

c) Allows to input a graphic, which gets displayed as shown, aligned to the bottom and right border. A URL can be specified for the graphic, and it does not interfere with regular links, if they overlap the graphic. This graphic can also be maintained from the Design > Topmenu area, and no manual editing of files is required.

Thanks again to Louis! Appreciate your expertise very much, and hoping for your continued support till we launch.

Warm Regards



Hi there,

We are proud to announce that CS-Cart Rocks created 2 excellent add-ons for our website.

1- Follow Me Button on our Multivendor website. Clients can follow the vendors and get email notifications on sales and new products uploaded to their store.

2- Product Q&A. Great add-on where the customers can initiate a conversation with the Vendors and ask questions regarding the products.

Both add-ons work perfectly and again Cs-Cart Rocks offered awesome service.

Thanks for the great product and great service.