Cs Cart Responsive Themes - Fully Custom Colour?

I want to use a standard CS Cart responsive theme but they seem to be quite limited on colour options? I want to be able to set my own colour scheme, is there a CS Cart theme that I can do this with?

I'd really prefer to not have to use a 3rd party theme this time round. Only going to be a small website with less than 20 products.

You can add new variables to the following schema:


Then you should correct the styles.less file or create your own and add use of new variables there:


Depending on what you actually want you might not need to do what eComLabs suggested. Do you mean none of the repsonsive style selections like Black, Greeny, Posh, etc. have a color scheme you want? If so, pick the one closest to what you want, use the theme editor to tweak the colors and then save it with a new name. If the list of configurable color elements in the theme editor is missing things you want to tweak then you can probably tweak them using the custom css in the theme editor. You only need to do what eComLabs suggested to add additional elements as configurable elements in the theme editor.