Cs-Cart Responsive/adaptive Boilerplate Template

MiniMax: A CS Cart Boilerplate Template Theme Optimized for Results

Conversion Optimised Design to Maximize ROI for E-Commerce Websites


Sydney, NSW: 4Sprung is providing a truly professional solution for e-commerce websites in the form of a highly responsive CS Cart Template Theme – MiniMax. We know how important it is for e-commerce websites to have a responsive, adaptable, visual and easy to navigate storefront that is optimized for a higher conversion rate. MiniMax is a mix of all this, and has been designed keeping the end users’ experience in mind.

The layout is based on the most up-to-date web and mobile standards: HTML5 and CSS3; it is responsive. Adaptive which means MiniMax CS Cart Template looks splendid on screens of any size and on all modern web browsers and mobile devices.

69% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart. MiniMax is based on several usability and research studies that result in a better conversion rate. We applied the Baymard Institute’s Paid Conversion Optimization research study while designing our CS Cart Template Theme's, 20 years in the industry did also help. MiniMax is a perfect combination of great visual appeal and increased conversion rate.

“Poor Website Loading Times Irritate People, Matter to Search Engines, Plus Can Cost you Money”, says a widely shared Moz Blog. MiniMax makes 60 percent fewer requests upon load and it outperforms most other CS Cart templates. We tested Page loads using MiniMax in Pingdom. It showed upper 90s on the performance grade while our competitors are in the low 80s with more than double the number of requests and between 300-400% slower loading time then MiniMax.

The three most important aspects of a CS Cart Template is speed, functionality and simplicity. Essentially, 4Sprung developed MiniMax theme to be lightweight and easily modified by any developer. It is considerably faster than most other responsive templates. There was no reverse engineering of any code from the CS-Cart responsive default theme. MiniMax’s code has a thousand fewer lines than a default template.

Those looking for add-ons will not be disappointed. MiniMax has an advanced banner manager with text or graphics overlay and predictive search add-ons. Several different layouts are available, this will give e-commerce websites the freedom to experiment with the template’s layout and choose the one that delivers value to them.

The additional features of MiniMax are as follows:

• Unique banner block with edge to edge sizing and content overlay
• Floating cart – that sticks to top on mobile devices
• Zooming thumbnails and ‘Flip on hover’ gallery on thumbnails
• Developer friendly styling to customize the theme faster
• SEO Friendly Mega Footer

The MiniMax CS Cart Template is extremely easy for developers to install and implement right out of the box or can be modified to your needs.

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The template can be purchased here

We also offer custom designs, implementation and customisation based on our Boilerplate template.

About the Company: 4Sprung is a specialized e-commerce and shopping cart solution provider for small to large business. With more the 20 years experience in the industry we offer user-friendly shopping cart solutions with enterprise level functionality, outstanding support at an affordable price.