CS-CART Programmer (part time)

hello there

Good day to all

anyone here know cs-cart modification, i have a problem fixing adding modification in PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR

i want to add quantity in each products in configurator,

please help me to fix this, i can pay tru paypal but let me see your porfolio in cs-cart


please see attach picture

Good luck. If you find someone who can do that, I'd be very interested to know who they are because I'd probably have work for them…

About a year or so ago, I tried to add both quantity and options to items in a configurable product and gave up after about 40 hours of trying… The product configurator is a classic example of doing an implementation to meet one specific need and then just dropping it in the product so you can say you have it (even if it's not general enough to be used by more than one business model). It is one of the weakest functional areas of the cart.

And you have no attached picture…

I have just used will dot sinclair at sinclairtechnologysolutions dot com to make a module for me, very good work, good communication. give him a try.



here is my attachment, sory i forgot to attach :)


can you please give me the contact n that company?



actually i work in this problem almost 3 months, but til now, no progress

but i made some changes in the page to work it out,

see this page, if i want to add 3 quantity in the main parent the child products is adding also but not the exact amount I try to add

see ths link