CS Cart Product Data Import Tips / Help

I am trying to take a data feed from a vendor with 100s of products and feed it into my cs cart site. I am pretty good with manipulating data and I understand the import format of CS card for products. But I am looking for some best practices or tips if anyone can provide.

Since my data will update from time to time I want to make sure I have a structured process in place to make for easy updates.

My datafeed comes like this.

Part Number Product Name Color / Size

1111 Hammer Gloves Red - XS

1112 Hammer Gloves Green - L

1113 Hammer Gloves Blue - XL

My idea would be to use CS cart to display the product Hammer Gloves on 1 webpage with the color listed as one option together.

So the data I feed into open cart would be one line something like this:

Product Name: Option:

Hammer Gloves {741}Color - Size: S[{3069}Red - XS,{3070}Green – L, {3071}Blue - XL];

Can anyone give tips on the best way to organize my datafeed to feed it into CS Card? Remember it is thousands of records….

Secondly notice that the part number of the mfg is different for various colors of the same product. Is there any best practice to incorporate the mfg part number in cs cart so that it flows through with an order? This will help me place the order with the mfg once I get an order on my site.

Thank you,