CS-Cart Pre Sales Questions

[quote name=‘Steven2’]1. I’m worried about the ease of designing a nice website as I do not have much programming experience but I am technical. Would it be difficult to design a nice CS Cart site, like the ones listed under “Best Looking Sites” if I purchased a premium template?[/quote]

If you have ‘CSS’ skills, it shouldn’t be a problem.

[QUOTE]2. I noticed, reading about the professional version that you receive free upgrades for one year. How much are the upgrades thereafter?


Within one month upon termination - $49.50 / year

After one month upon termination - $89.50 / year

but note there is no notifiation that your upgrade period has or is expiring. If there happens to be an upgrade that happens withing that one month window, you’ll be aware of it and be able to buy an additonal year at the lower rate. And no, there’s no where you can go look that I’m aware of other than keeping track of your puchase date yourself.