Cs cart owned by xcart?

Rumor on this page.

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Is this true? are you the same company?

There is a thread over on the X site, with this same topic!

I wish someone here would respond and verify this.

For me it is the same who own it - if it is a russian student or Bill Gates

CS-cart is a great product and the technical support is superb - why bother - I focusing on using this the best shopping cart I have used so fare to make my stores.


Who cares weather it is X or not, if it is X then they are doing the right thing starting from skratch, if it is not X then they have some serious competition on there hands.

As terje,

[quote]CS-cart is a great product and the technical support is superb - why bother - I focusing on using this the best shopping cart I have used so fare to make my stores.[/quote]

The same goes for me.


Im not sure where they got that idea CS-Cart has nothing related to x-cart at all.

Any more questions? :slight_smile:

Well, for those of you NOT involved with "X’ then you really have no understanding of what my question gets at.

CS cart “may” have great support etc, however, at one time so did the other “X” site. but shit has gone down hill fast…

My point being, I dont want to buy a newly polished cart from the same ppl I just left, b/c of how their support is run and how their management doesnt listen to its customers.


I agree. I was one of X’s first customers and the initial support was excellant. Once they got too big for their britches everything changed from answering any question to only answering questions for 1 month after purchase to charging for any question. This is the biggest lesson that CS-Cart can learn… don’t forget about the people that were willing to take a chance on you early on and help promote your product.


I know you were an early adopter of X, and many people know you’re here. I wasn’t as early as you, but still one of the first 300 or so (out of 9500).

I’ve used X from version 2 up to 4…and have seen the drastic changes.

I hope and pray CS cart LISTENS to it customers and promotes dialogue.

Censoring us users, by not allowing us to say “hey CS, you should have this feature, i found it in XYZ Cart and its great, Please implement”

Instead of getting banned and flamed for posting these types of suggestions. It will truely make this place GREAT.

Dont make the same mistakes the Other guy is making. Because as you can see, people are jumping ship and looking for alternatives.



That’s certainly what I’m doing. I hammered pretty hard on the CS-Cart guys about their similarities prior to trying them out. I can tell you that they rarely reply to Forum topics, but they do pay attention and implement many suggestions from it’s userbase in their upcoming releases. The HelpDesk support is amazing and you can usually expect to hear a detailed, easy to understand answer within 1 day. I have noticed that when I submit questions, the numbers between ID messages are rapidly increasing, so we’ll see how it goes. IMO, I don’t think this is the same team as CS-CART appears to be much “cleaner” in it’s design and concept.

What does everyone else think? Let’s get some dialogue going! :stuck_out_tongue:

ET - Where is the X thread located? (category, post title, etc)

Thats the thing Dis, they all get deleted!

Someone asked the same question i did, Does xcart own Cs-cart.

Within 24 hrs it was deleted!

X also has phpbb censor words on and anytime teh word “cs-cart” or “cs-cart.com” is typed in the forums

X replaces that with "please read terms and conditions.

On a side note, i submitted a ticket to helpdesk asking the same things and they responded with the truth and answers!

Im pretty excited about CS cart.

Maybe the HelpDesk team should reply to this posting and clear things up once and for all, especially since it will be ongoing during the mass exodus :lol:

What can I say… CS-Cart ROCKS!

actually they did, they responded to me in FULL Detail. and told me that shortly all the legal terms and company info will be on the website.

For all to see.


That is correct, i will get an artical posted on here at some point this week to clear all these matters up that people are coming accross, i can assure each and every one of you that CS-Cart has nothing at all to do with X-Cart and CS-Cart is here to stay for many many upcoming years.

To me, it doesn’t matter what company owns CS-Cart, its a great program with great support, no doubt about it. But go on the home page of CS-Cart.com and X-Cart.com, and look at the very top right corner of the two sites…let me know what you think.

cs-cart and litecommerce which is part of the x-cart family are related

and where did you get this information from?

[quote name=‘abe1930’]cs-cart and litecommerce which is part of the x-cart family are related[/quote]

Main and the only reason why litecommerce and CS-Cart can’t be related is that litecommerce is written in object-oriented php with flexy templates, but CS-Cart uses functional php with smarty templates. These are 2 very, very different products from 2 different companies :wink:

Plus Smarty is by far the best :slight_smile:


This is a great post to be my first as I recently bailed on XCrap, oh, I mean cart, lol.

Anyway, I remember when these guys made mods for that platform and were chased off from ruslan. He was totally miffed at them and did not want them around. Especially since they were from the same part of the country as he, AND the major thing I noticed was their integration and installation was superb. It was as if their mods would install much like a software bundle on windows.

Their site map was what did it for me. I loved it. it was more value for no money. All you had to do was post a link to their site if you decided to use it. it was much better than what you had as far as a site map to purchase from a well know modder still making mods in the UK, but totally FREE!

The magic words that got my attention, YUP… FREE!

Anyhow. Their mod integration was the bomb and everyone that tired it loved it. The mod was great in itself, but he code was what ruslan was totally pissed about. So, from what ruslan was saying is several threads, he chased them off to never make mods again. Next thing yuo know, mods are removed and a new cart platform took its place.

Ruslan was not happy about that either. I laughed, kept it to myself, yet noticed many others starting to speak of it. I quietly sent out a few PM’s to say what i new from seeing first hand and having emails sent to me from xsupport.

I myself started watching this platform and hoping it would grow and not just disappear over night, as i wanted a part of it. I like the optimized code, the streamlined file structure and ll of the perks.

Yep, I still ran an xstore, but had so much money tied up in them I could not hop over right away.

For those of you that know me from other forum know I was sticking up for those that were being burned by many things. I got tired of it and decided to say something.

Once I did I was banned. It really was a perfect time because I was speaking to someone about opening another online store, needed a cart and wife said GO TO CSCart!

She said you always tell others about them, go there and get the cart yourself. So, here I am.

So far with what has been shared with me by CSCart sales staff, I am very pleased to hear their far sighted goals and like minded attitudes of application functions, capabilities and all around uses.

They see things like I do and for the most part plan to integrate many of the things so many people require. There are also many things in the works that will help this platform grow to be a dominate power house.

To pull many of the modders over to this platform along with more users, there are any things being looked at and studied, and from what has been spoken to me about so far, leaves me to feel as though this WILL be the cart to be with for quite some time.

I do hope things remain the same. I would love to call this place home and not worry about being banned or burned, lol.

Anyway, these guys are VERY different from XCrap and at one time were as much victims as others have been or are now.

Just my 2cents…

As a side note, it is funny, I remember when Disneyana was developing their store way back in the day at the other place. Looks good still yet. Good job!

HELLO everyone! Nice to be part of a forum again, lol.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but it has been a bit since I have been able to speak! lol

Hey Mark,

Welcome to the “Darkside” hehe… thanks for the props! Yes, I was one of the first X users as well as one of the original CS users. Wait til you see the furniture (non-Disney) store that we are working on. Amish crafted furniture and tables with 15+ dimensions of customization. The CS-Cart support team has been incredible. And the upcoming Disneyana Mall will be very cool, offering multiple skins/themes for each land!