Cs-Cart On Aws Ec2 And Db Provider

Hi All,

I will be launching soon cs-cart app for my client on production soon. I would love ot hear your experiences or thoughts use cases of AWS.

We consider AWS EC2 ( 2 instances) for hosting and putting this back on ELB (here the question comes how I will redirect from another domain provider(godaddy) to ELB but I am checking different sources to overcome this issue). I followed the metrics provided by concurrency labs here; https://www.concurrencylabs.com/blog/5-steps-for-finding-optimal-ec2-infrastructure/. We expect 1000 concurrent users so t3.medium or t3.large seems to be the most optimum one .

Also regarding DB , how do you determine your requirements? I am quite new in this area so I would love to hear the best DB provider for CS-CART Multivendor and also the size of it for the best performance .


I would not use EC2 or any of that stuff, instead, use kubernetes or nomad. Of course this means you will need to 'containerize' your deployment, but that is much more preferred than manually configuring two servers. However, know that cscart upgrades will be hard to do in a containerized environment. You will have to manually execute the migrations and pre / post validation scripts.

What you could also do, is setup one EC2 server and mount the assets on a NFS. After which, if you do have an upgrade, you remove all the servers so there is only one left, than you do the upgrade, after which you make AMI images and create the extra servers again.

Just know, if you do go for the latter, you are binding yourself to AWS. My preference goes to kubernetes as it is superior in many ways, especially for deploying additional services you might need, such as an SMTP server, redis cluster, logstash, etc.

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! I appreciate .

Unfortunately we have decided for now to proceed with AWS for DB and Hosting , however I will deep dive your suggestion , I will check kubernetes. As far as I know AWS Cloudformation can help for leveraging deployments on 2 EC2 servers etc. I was quite confident that this would be smooth.

I have really limited experience with containers but looks like I need to get some experience here to make it more smooth.