Cs-Cart Need Item Number To Show In Seo Url

I currently have the latest CS-Cart installation and need a certain PRODUCT SEO URL format. I need it to include the product name as a sub-category of the SEO URL and than for the actual product page name it would have the item number. Here is what i need each product page to show for the URL's.


Currently i have it showing as www.domain.com/Heirisa-Coffee-Machine.htmlwhich results in poor SEO indexing by Google.

Is there a way for you to include the product name "Heirisa-Coffee-Machine" as the sub-category of the item number WOODT514 and than use the item number as the page name of the SEO URL. Just like this.



Maybe there is a way to edit the SEO name in the backend to allow backslash, whenever i try to add a " / " and than type in the item number it changes everything to a dash "-".

I got ecomlabs make me addon that does




why would your solution be better then title + sku