Cs-Cart Mv Legally Compliant For Germany Implement Rate Topic - - - - -


as is certainly known, CS-Cart Multi Vendor is not legally compliant for Germany. I found you on the internet and I am wondering if you already have a solution.

A few things I noticed myself:

1. the position of the total amount is only displayed with or without the 19% tax in Germany, however, in Germany both positions must be displayed in the category pages, product pages, shopping cart and checkout page.

2. The document generation for invoices and other important disclosure requirements such as the above item of the invoice statement and invoice number that must be generated upwards (just the order number is not enough)

3. Customer registration must be confirmed by clicking on the e-mail address provided by the customer and dealer (better for the customer if he makes a typo, but also mandatory in Germany to confirm the registration)

4. Newsletter Here, the customer is not provided with an Unscrible function for unsubscribing from the newsletter (also mandatory in Germany)

I am also looking for other solutions for the shop that you could possibly help me with.

1. Download products cannot be placed in the shopping cart more than once (required for the sale of software products/vouchers/tickets)

2. The checkbox for the billing address on the checkout page is opened by default, I would like to switch it over

Further questions:

1. How do I prevent messages sent by the system or by myself from loading in the customer's spam folder, can I counteract this?

2. If a customer receives an order from a retailer on the marketplace and would like to pay by invoice or prepayment, for example, they will not receive any payment information by email (how can this be set up) and I would also like the customer to not just see a text on the forwarded page with the information that the order was placed successfully, but also outputs the corresponding payment information for the order placed.