Cs-Cart Multivendor Vs Open-Cart. Who Is The Best?

Could someone please tell me what the advantages of cs-cart MVE (paid) in relation to opencart (free)?

Besides free, there are many more users (and developers) of opencart, more extensions (and virtually all free!), themes, etc ... so why should I pay more than 1000 usd by cs-cart license? What are the good points?
Detail: I already bought the license, I am thinking of asking for the money back (not 30 days) if I do not find any significant advantage ..
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


First of all, it depends on your business: is it small or big? Open Cart is good for small and medium webstores. But it will be a challenge for a shop administrator to work in the admin panel as it almost has no functions for mass actions with the products in the backend. In this case you need to find a developer to customize it.

Also, find out if the solution is easy to start with? I can not say that Cs-Cart is the platform that can be set up and go live in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, no. It takes some days or even weeks to understand its logic. But Open-Cart also has problems with the user-friendly interface. It takes some days before you clear up all the issues with the filters. I really hate filters there. So it is up to you to decide what system is easy. CS-Cart has more logic than Open-Cart, but it is my point of view. (I'm not a developer, I'm just a manager in Alt-team)

Does it have required functionality? Compare Open-Cart and Cs-Cart features due to your store demands. For example, Open-Cart has no "buy in 1 click" button. Also there is a problem to add a new page in Open Cart. To be honest I do not remember all differences between Cs-Cart and Open-Cart as I tested Open-Cart shop a year ago.

What third-party integration does it have? What shipping and payment methods you need? Check if Open-Cart has them all.

Pay attention to how quickly pages are loading. We have an article about Website Performance. It was written before Cs-Cart started to solve the performance problems. I see that they are working on this problem last year, but there are some people who are not satisfied with the results even now. As I know, Open-Cart has the same slow loading pages problem.

SEO issue is also important. But these platforms are equal in this topic, I think. Good content will help you a lot here.

To sum up, if you have a lot of time, a tiny budget and a small business, choose Open-Cart and I'm sure that you won't regret it. If you have a big business in plans, it is better to start with Cs-Cart platform.

If you need any additional modifications for Cs-Cart Multivendor, please contact us at manager@alt-team.com

If you have questions, we are open for discussion here.

First, thanks for the response. You see, I'm not trying to defend one side or the other. In fact, I would love to find some good points on the cs-cart to defend it and so do not regret my purchase. In this way, let's go to the points presented.
My business is small / medium, as I believe basically everyone starts .. The interface of the cs-cart, mainly front-end mobile and the back-end (control panel) seemed to me quite friendly and intuitive .. And its translation to the Portuguese is perfect, contrary to what we see in cs-cart.
Functionalities, as far as I can see, open-cart wins easy on this question. For example, my site would need to have the pagseguro (brazil) checkout. Let's compare:
The ONLY thing we have available ready for cs-cart would be this:
75 usd for the normal checkout (which redirects to the pagseguro site) and only for the normal cs-cart, not for the MVE. Surely I would still have to spend a fair amount of money to adjust this to MVE.
Now let's go to open-cart:
Checkout transparent, without leaving the site (much bigger conversion, much better for the user)
35 usd
70 usd (old)
PAGSEGURO LIGHTBOX (without directing but opening a lightbox from the pagseguro without leaving your site)
15 usd - https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=16672&filter_search=pagseguro
25 usd - https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=23563&filter_search=pagseguro
PAGSEGURO GATEWAY (equivalent to the one developed for cs-cart)
FREE - https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=5983&filter_search=pagseguro
Thousands of other solutions / payment options for my country (and many others) also for ridiculous prices, from 0 to 25 usd per extension .. (they do not even exist for cs-cart)
It is also much easier and cheaper to find developers for opencart since it has a much larger user base .. Take a look at their forum size: https://forum.opencart.com/
open cart: Total posts 585808 • Total topics 136834 • Total members 113842..
cs-cart: Total Posts 261,173 • Total Members 19,475 •
About buying with 1 click, in 5 minutes I found more than 10 extensions to opencart to activate this, and none costing more than 10 or 20 dollars ...
Anyway, thanks for the arguments, but I'm still not convinced.
Please someone help me find the good points in the cs-cart that justify its price. Preferably, technical points.
Sorry about my bad english and yes, I tried to post it in the correct place, but they just did not approve of my topic is this subforum: http://forum.cs-cart.com/forum/19-why-cs-cart/

I have purchased one of their payment addons, description is poor and appears some things are missing that they are going to build in in future, if I want to do it now +300$ to bill :)

The ONLY thing we have available ready for cs-cart would be this:
75 usd for the normal checkout (which redirects to the pagseguro site) and only for the normal cs-cart, not for the MVE. Surely I would still have to spend a fair amount of money to adjust this to MVE.

I would suggest going to opencart demo and cs-cart demo site and in admin panel create new product, check how much time you spend with each..

How easy to change layout.. cs-cart layout manager is fantastic that I use very very often!