CS Cart Multivendor Templates - help

I recently paid a company to modify one of their templates to work with CS Cart Multi-vendor. Unfortunately the work does not looks to be finished and my store does not work properly, even though they told me the work was done. I am partly to blame in that I did not communicate problems in a timely manor but I believed that the company knew everything that needed to be done and tested their own work. Now I am stuck with an unusable store and I need to get things online and working. I have contacted the company who did the work but I have yet to hear back from them. I am concerned that they will not finish what needs to be done and I need a plan B.

It seems like my options are to reinstall CS Cart and use it in its default mode or to find someone who has a template that works with multivendor. I have not found any multivendor themes that are ready out of the box. Is there a company focusing on these? Should I consider finding someone to finish the work the other company started? I really don't have much more money to spend on this as the original customization was quite expensive.

Could you kindly contact us here? We'd like to know more details and help you out.

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