Cs-Cart Multi Vendor Marketplace

This imposing Add-on enables the user to convert CS-Cart store into Multi-seller Marketplace with the concept of Multi-seller single store front. It is the multifunctional shopping cart solution for building eCommerce web content incorporating multiple independent seller with separate profile. In a matter of a few easy steps, you will be able to create a sophisticated, full-fledged online marketplace where all your sellers can manage their sales through one common web interface.

Seller Access :

  • Seller can add/edit/delete product in CS-Cart store via frontend. For promotion of seller shop marketplace has the option where seller can add banner, shop logo, custom HTML text for describing the shop. He can fill the details for profile preview. View the order details, seller list and communicate with admin via “Ask to Admin”.

Have Your Own Dashboard :

  • The dashboard offers transparency and control over the data associated with Seller’s account. Seller has been provided with dashboard where he can view
  • 1. the latest five order details and reviews with star ratings.
  • 2. sales details of day, week and month at frontend dashboard.
  • 3. static revenue report in graphical form.
  • 4. total payout.
  • 5. remaining balance.

Payment Method Includes :

  • 1. standard method
  • 2. paypal

My Profile View :

  • 1. seller name.
  • 2. seller's company descriptions.
  • 3. seller contact number and address.
  • 4. seller star ratings.
  • 5. seller reviews.
  • 6. seller featured products.
  • 7. geographical locations of seller's shop.

Multi Step Checkout :

Steps are broken up over multiple pages with an indicator letting customers/consumers know what steps in the check-out process they are on and how many are left. This is meant to

  • 1. simplify and make the checkout experience more user friendly.
  • 2. allows customers to focus on one step at a time.
  • 3. each step is shown in beautiful tab view.
  • 4. tabs are divided according to their respective functionality like payment , shipment and address.

Admin Access :

  • 1. the CS-Cart user can be converted into seller by synchronizing them at admin panel. So, admin has the power to designate his users as sellers.
  • 2. the functionality of commission is available at admin end. Admin can set a global commission for sellers. He also has an option to go for individual seller commission.
  • 3. approval facility when seller is added or a seller add any new product depend on the marketplace settings at admin end.
  • 4. if a seller is deleted, on seller deletion products gets disabled or deleted according to the marketplace settings at admin level.
  • 5. admin can assign his products to any seller.
  • 6. admin can set the layout of various pages related to marketplace as per his choice.
  • 7. all currencies supported in CS cart is supported in marketplace.
  • 8. admin can manage the seller profile page settings.
  • 9. email notification to sellers and admin for each order.

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