Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.3.8 Are Available Now


We’ve released a patch—CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.3.8—with payment, shipping, and SEO fixes.

What’s Fixed?

  • Canada Post and Australia Post APIs are up to date. The previous CS-Cart version used legacy APIs of the Canada Post and Australia Post carriers. New Canada Post users couldn’t use Canada Post at all because it just didn’t work because of the outdated integration. Less severe but still annoying issue occurred for Australia Post: it returned the wrong rate calculation results. In version 4.3.8, both carriers work fine thanks to the updated APIs.

  • The Authorize.Net payment processor is up to date. On June 30, Authorize.Net will make an upgrade to transaction processing: all connections to Authorize.Net will go through Akamai SureRoute first. We have updated the payment gateway URLs of the Authorize.Net processor so that it works after June 30.

  • The Rocketgate payment processor works correctly for guest customers. Before, customers who purchased products as guests and paid with Rocketgate were considered a single customer on the Rocketgate side. This was because all those customers had the same zero Customer ID. We’ve fixed this issue: now Rocketgate recognizes guest customers correctly.

  • Credit card validation works fine. Because of the outdated credit card validation, customers couldn’t pay with Sage Pay if they used a 13-digit Visa or some Maestro cards. Also, Diners Club didn’t work for any of the payment processors. We’ve updated the credit card validation rules. Now, your customers won’t have any trouble with credit card validation.

  • Product SEO names generate correctly. In this patch, we’ve fixed two issues in the SEO add-on: 1) product SEO names are not duplicated when you open a new category for the first time, and 2) they are not changed when you delete one of your cloned storefronts.

  • Shipping is always available for vendors even if it’s disabled for a specific vendor. In Multi-Vendor, you can disable shipping for a vendor. The earlier version had an issue: if you disabled shipping for the first vendor, it was also disabled for other vendors. We’ve fixed this issue and now you can safely disable shipping for one vendor without being afraid that it won’t be available for other vendors.

See other fixes in the changelog.

How to Get Version 4.3.8?

Upgrade your store on the Administration → Upgrade center page. We’re distributing upgrade packages in batches. Don’t worry if you can’t see the available upgrade in your Upgrade center right away. You’ll get it within a week.

If you’re a newcomer, please download the CS-Cart installation package and buy a license.

Good news, will try. Thx

Let's check all modules :)


We will check the new version of CS-Cart and mentioned add-ons...

Is the authorize.net module interchangeable with older 4.3.x versions?

It should be but the changes aren't really required since Anet is going to be redirecting old->new for the foreseeable future.

It appears that 4.3.8 is behaving properly. Is it worth upgrading to ?

It's a pretty minor release. I've only found that they broke a couple of things that used to work in 4.3.6. Most notably for me is the fn_get_dir_contents() function that if the 'get_dirs' parameter was set to false and 'recurse' was true, it would return all file paths in that tree (V2 - 4.3.6). Now it only returns the files in the specified directory (I.e. it doesn't recurse).

Other than that, I haven't seen any issues. The easiest way to know what's up is to look at bugtracker. It's been out a month and I haven't heard any huge outcries. So my question would be more along the lines of "why not upgrade"?

No thread for 439 so I'll ask here

[!] Add-ons: PayPal payments: Order management: The payment processor response wasn't changed when IPN was received. Fixed.


What bugtracker topic bug report this refare to ?