Cs-Cart Multi Store Is A Mess

talk about a mess… here are just some of my problems:

  • comments and reviews are not shared across stores

  • store regions do not work / redirecting not working

  • SEO names are being assumed to be duplicates across multiple stores
  • For some stupid reason, part of the products are setup at the “All stores” level and part of the products are controlled at the store level. This is great but sucks for those setups that just want one place to setup products across multiple stores!

  • the fact that you cant have one set of categories for multiple stores just sucks. It creates way to much work to maintain the site.

    Seriously getting tired of CS-cart. Maybe they need to download a copy of Magneto and see how it's done!

I recognize a lot of what you are saying.

For my site setup I like that comments and reviews are not shared, because they may not be applicable to all stores. But it would have been nice to have a global setting to decide that.

What do you mean with store regions?

SEO names is seriously broken on CS-Cart. I am planning to get an addon written that fixes it. I already needed to delete my stores and start fresh. Months of man hours trough the drain.

Because CS-Cart was adding stupid urls like product-en-en-en.html just because the product exists in multiple stores. Or in multiple languages while the url to each language is unique anyway.

It completely sabotages SEO. We even got urls like product.html.html

If anyone wants to pool together to get the SEO addon fixed, then let me know.

For category sharing across stores I had an addon made and it works great.

Filter url's are a mess as well. No friendly urls there and lots of duplicate content issues. This is also something that needs to be fixed.

I dont understand why CS-Cart just doesn't use product-IDs and unique routes so every url is always unique. i.e. domain.com/route/product_name.1/

store regions… the apparent ability to direct customers to a store based on IP location.

It doesn't work… I created ticket and the “sorry well help you whenever we feel like it response” and I'm sure the next message will be “provide access to your store” and then the next response will be “sorry its fine, your fault, good luck”