Cs-Cart Marketplace Changes


Today we would like to inform you of the recent changes on CS-Cart Marketplace.

[size=5]Marketplace Homepage[/size]



  1. We added two new product blocks:[list]

    []Featured products block is a paid one. Please contact us for a price.

    ]New products block contains 3 most recent products.

  2. We changed the way we pick up products to display on our homepage.

    The main criterion now is product rating based on clients’ reviews. We use random choice from high rated products. Clients get a different set of products every time the homepage is loaded.

    Ask your customers to review your products. The more good reviews your product has the better chance to reach the home page.

    [size=5]Help Customers Find You With the Developer Search Tool[/size]

    We added a search tool on the All developers page. Customers can find a developer by the company name, services offered, developer location, and language.


    Important! Please make sure that you added information about the services your company specializes in. Provide all required information about your company. You can edit it using the following instructions [url=“Information for Vendors :: Instructions on How to Get Your Company Information Published”]http://marketplace.cs-cart.com/edit-your-profile.html[/url] .

    [size=5]Add-ons and Themes Reviews on Marketplace Blog[/size]

    We have started the CS-Cart Marketplace Blog where we will publish articles about the solutions we have on our Marketplace. We hope you will enjoy it.

    If you have any suggestions on how to make our Marketplace better, feel free to post them in this thread.