CS-Cart license with a $100 discount.


can someone of the CS Cart team answer this question? You promote on Facebook this:

“Great news for those who plan to launch another separate CS-Cart web store or add a storefront to their CS-Cart installation. We decided to revive your spirits on this dull October day by offering special discounts for additional CS-Cart licenses and CS-Cart storefront licenses.

CS-Cart license owner who wants to run more than one CS-Cart instance, can purchase another, the so-called “additional” CS-Cart license (http://www.cs-cart.c…rt-license.html) with a $100 discount.

And if you would like to have more than one storefront in your CS-Cart installation, you can also get a $50 discount for the purchase of each CS-Cart Storefront license (http://www.cs-cart.c…nt-license.html).”

It's contraproductive against your resellers as you don't allow to sell the license for less then $ 345.00 but you make an offer against the reseller rules and sell it for $ 285 with the discount.