Cs-Cart License Will Not Activate

I was close to my trial period ending. I purchased cs-cart a couple weeks ago. I just went into my Admin section and put my cs-cart license number in and clicked on activate. It gives me this error saying "Error: Invalid license number. Please enter a valid license number."

Now I can even log into my cart admin section.

I really need to fix and issue in my cart now or at lease turn it off.

I am hoping I can get a faster response here in the forums as the trouble desk never seems to answer right away.

Can someone offer help. I have a valid license but it will not accept it.

Are you entering the full number?


Are you entering the full number?


Yes, I did but my license number looks like this.


Check Your License

I know the status of my license. I purchased a single user license. The problem is that I installed the Multi User trial version on my web site and got it all configured to how I want it before I purchased the license.

I did not need the multi user version.

I need to install the single user version because that is what I have for a license.

However I don't want to lose everything that I created in my trial version of the multi user version.

Can I now install the single user version and use the same sql file I had for the multi user trial version?

Or is there a way I can retain everything that I created from the multi user version and get it in the single user version?

The problem was that I was trying to activate a single user license on as multi user cart.

I got it all working out now.

Thank you all