Cs Cart Is Awesome

I know a lot of people on here say CS cart is crap or buggy. But not in my experience, I have received feedback for any questions I ever had within 24 hours. Mainly this is because they are in a different time zone than I am. My upgrades have went flawlessly for the most part with minor CSS re-fixes that I’ve had to make. I did have to make some small adjustments in concerns to https and social media (twitter) add-on.

I ran a vulnerability scan on my website and submitted results to CS cart. You know what they did? They patched the vulnerabilities in a week and already sent out updates. That is great customer service.

For anyone who as ever built a webpage and understand its complexities, you know CS cart is a monster of those complexities. It’s not easy to manage that much script.

CS cart has lowered their Multivendor prices in comparison to the past. They earn every penny of my yearly subscription with free updates. I’ve never used regular CS-Cart products but MVE is great for my business.


Agreed Troy.

I think the platform is awesome. I've worked with a couple including Shopify which I love and this platform is on par. I love the fact that it is open source and any ideas are possible. Anytime I need help they are quick to respond.