CS-Cart introduces ConnexHosting as Leading Team Moderator

Congratulations to James Murphy @ ConnexHosting.com, he is now the Power Guru of the CS-Cart Industry who will be providing services and support to everyone that needs it!

Connex Hosting was brought on board to this project for their constant work and dedication to the project. Now promoted to the Project Moderation Management they will aim to help in all that they can to the users.


Connex Hosting Limited are one of the biggest Internet hosting companies around providing many services from Hosting / Domains / Servers to web design.

Connex Hosting will be providing 1st prime support and hosting for CS-Cart users, so if you need to get your CS-Cart software up and online instantly these are the people to contact. There great support team will work on any installation issues that you may have and can even install the software for you if you require. Just contact support[AT]connexhosting.com if you need this service done. Please note that you must be an exsisting customer of Connex Hosting Limited.

Visit: [url]http://www.connexhosting.com/[/url]

Connex Hosting will also provide Custom Design services for CS-Cart.

If you have any problems picking the correct package for your needs just e-mail sales[AT]connexhosting.com stating the referral code: CSCART and you will recieve a 10% discount for services generated by them.

Once again if you need anything just contact ConnexHosting here on CS-Cart forums and they are there to assist.

Kindest Regards,

CS-Cart team

Greetings James,

Can you please give us some details about yourself and your company and why you were selected to be the sole moderator of this forum? Do you have a partnership with CS-Cart? Can we now expect better communication and respones for questions originating in the forum? Thanks!

Hmmmm, no mention of the latest moderator… ETI. Guess you’re diving in headfirst, eh? Please answer the same questions that I posed to Connex. Thanks!

I am in no way affiliated with CS Cart other than I purchased a license. The reason I am here is provide the best ecommerce package to my clients.

I signed up here and am hoping to make the best of this, since my previous “other” cart system is really going no where fast.

I talked with CS cart about helping them design and develop a better product, one where I can offer advice, give suggestions and point out flaws, without the fear of the response.

The more input I can give, the better the product, the easier my job becomes when selling an ecommerce package to a client.

As for my company. We are a small, boutique design firm located in NY. Our website is www.etinteractive.com (redesign is in progress), as well as updates to our portfolio and such.

I hope to be able to spur discussions and answer questions when I can. Ultimately, making CS cart a great place to be.

Cheers! 8)


Hello Everyone, I have only just got back forma long drive from north england. ConnexHosting will be teh official Hosting provider from cs-cart and also the official 3rd party design company for clients using cs-cart that want custom designs done for their online stores.

We have and will continue working very closly with CS-Cart to help each and every client with what ever problems they may have.

Are you saying there is only ONE official host and modder for this cart?

I certainly would like to see american based hosts also posted. There are many people that will not go outside the US for hosting and I am one of them.

Now mods, they are another story, lol.

I would buy those from martians if they were good enough, lmoa.

Nothing against the UK, but I like my host to be in the states where I am.

Something about the big pond between us that makes me hopping in my car and driving over to thow someting at you makes me cringe a bit.

I also ike my vendors close and my banker even closer. :wink:

OOPS, sorry ET, came in to say hello…

Been missin ya, lol

Sorry, I’m back.

Been on the road for 10 longs days out in california…but im back home now, and have full net access.

Nice to see ya posting Mark! :smiley:

Are you kidding me. I could stand it. I had to get in here to see what all was going on. My first day I think I posted about 10 or 12 things, plus was sending out tons of emails to others about things I seen or read, lol.

I was going nuts without a forum to talk to my friends in.

Looks like I found some people in here I have not seen or heard from in a while. I have a lot of people emailing me to get more info as they want to jump the fence.

There are issues and concerns and I hope to get answers for them, but the thing is, they really want to work with people that care and want to be number one and that takes teamwork and these people are ready for that huge change.

Yea, you cant read the X forums anymore, but your thread is still ALIVE and Kickin… LOL :shock: theres a shock, right??

glad to have you aboard now.

That is amazing, I would have thought they deleted that since I got banned for saying it all.

They keep changing my signature as I placed being banned into it and location as xcart hel.

I keep getting tons of PM’s but cannot say anyting to anyone cause I am banned.

I do miss speaking to everyone over there though.

Hey guys,

Connex Hosting is still around but about to move hands to someone once the buy it! but don’t worry, any CS-Cart users needing hosting / support / mods / designs or site builds with CS-Cart software can contact sales@1linedesign.com as i will now be running services from here no on in!

as you all know, we have done the best sites using CS-Cart software and you can check this based on reviews from our portfolio!

As the move for CS-Cart customers goes ahead to the new company we are offering a one-time discount service for design / developer of up to 40% of quoted pricing for developer. So if you need anything does to a current store, new store etc… email sales@1linedesign.com quoting “CS-Cart New Move” in the email subject to get the discount applied!

If you want to be / look professional go with the professional’s! “1Line Design LTD”

** Professional / Approved CS-Cart Designers / Developer’s and Hoster’s! ***

Also forgot to mention that we can / will be providing discounted Licenses for the CS-Cart software so keep an eye out!